Shadows of Dooooom! – part 26
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August 29th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 26

The box design was inspired by the box from Hellraiser. Well, not the one from the movie, but the one I bought from a store that I put together myself. Unlike the puzzle box from the movie, it was just 6 sides of a cube that didn’t fit together very well. I hope this box fits together better than the plastic with crazy glue one that is lying in 6 pieces in a cardboard box in my storage locker. What else have you guys bought that was disappointeing when you got it home and opened it up?

11 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Nina

    Hei, thanks for the great comic, fun to se a picture of you.

  2. ColdFusion

    I’ve bought my share of books ABOUT books and videos ABOUT movies.

  3. Daniel

    Ha ha, funny comic. Three trophies for the Brian!

  4. Fat Sweaty

    Sea monkeys. I got them at an age where I thought they would look like men and women and kids. I hoped to get a crown for one of them.

  5. admin

    ColdFusion – what about videos ABOUT books or books ABOUT videos? Steve Martin has the line that writing about art is like dancing about architecture.

    Nina and Daniel – Hoorays!

    Fat Sweaty – Did you end up eating the brine shrimp with tiny cocktail sauce or on tiny skewers?

  6. Emma

    When I was little, my brother and I got a cheap Lego knockoff from the Giant Tiger. Whne we got home, we quickly discovered that it was missing the largest, most important piece. It’s a shame, because it would have been this Ancient Egyptian mecha shaped like Anubis had it been complete.

  7. admin

    Emma – Was the big piece the Anubis head? Also, what’s a Giant Tiger? It sounds dangerous but worth a decent amount of xps.

  8. Emma

    No, the big piece was the chest of the robot. A Giant Tiger is a chain of stores, sort of like a cheaper Wal-mart. I think they’re a Canadian thing. (now I’m kind of confused, because I thought you were Canadian.

  9. admin

    Emma – I am Canadian. Never heard of Giant Tiger… I just googled it and see there are three on the outskirts of Toronto, but none downtown where I’m located. Glad to hear you at least got the giant Anubis head which would be pretty cool to make into things like an Anubisaurus.

  10. Emma

    Oh, okay. (a giant tiger would make an awesome RPG boss, though). I don’t think we ever kept the head. It’s a shame we didn’t

  11. Steve

    He wasn’t foiled. That would be if he was imprisoned in a box made of thin, flexible sheets of metal. or one made out of rapiers