Shadows of Dooooom! – part 21
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July 25th, 2010

Shadows of Dooooom! – part 21

Don’t remember the werewolves on the moon story? Click the link to revisit.

I watched the latest Wolfman movie recently and it was very silly. The special effects were pretty good, especially the one that made Benicio Del Toro’s words comprehensible.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ColdFusion

    so then, I must assume the wolves constantly move as the dark side moves.. nomadic moon wolves.. that sounds like a good band name.

  2. Lars

    @ColdFusion: I was going to say the dark side doesn’t move, but I guess you’re right. The werewolves would be no more protected from seeing the lit moon than they would on earth. I’ve just gotten educated about the confusion between “far side of the moon”, which doesn’t move [much] relative to the moon’s surface, and “dark side of the moon”, which rotates around the moon just like nighttime on earth.) If the werewolves have to be nomadic, might as well keep them on earth.

    That would make a good story premise though… werewolves or undead who continuously circumnavigate the earth to avoid sunlight or full moons… or who inhabit a space station parked in the earth’s shadow.
    Going underground is easier though, no doubt.

  3. Lars

    P.S. He should send his werewolves to the dark side of Mercury. Then they wouldn’t have to roam!

  4. ColdFusion

    Mercury isn’t QUITE tidally-locked YET, is it? I thought it was just heading there.

  5. Ribusprissin

    except that Mercury is one of OUR planets … in OUR solar system.

  6. Ribusprissin

    which implies that PP’s moon might indeed have a “dark side”

  7. ColdFusion

    Oh yeah, I guess this isn’t exactly the real moon, since you can breathe on it.. and it has little highschool volcanoes. XD
    and judging by the curve it’s a lot smaller.

  8. admin

    Figuring out the logic of the moon is tough because I don’t even know what it is about the full moon that makes werewolves do their thing. Why doesn’t a full moon during the day make them change?

    What I figure is that maybe there is a dark part that stays dark near the poles of the moon. Or maybe what changes a werewolf is seeing a full moon, so you could never see a whole moon from the moon. Those are the possible justifications I came up with anyway. Also, note that the werewolves are in wolf form, so maybe Christi’s plan doesn’t work out perfectly. Or maybe Spelleton enlisted their help as guards? Who knows?

    The curviture of the of the moon in the last panel could be just that they are on a hill.

  9. Tamfang

    Mercury is tide-locked in an unusual way: the orbit is eccentric and the sun becomes nearly still at perihelion, when the tide is strongest.

    There’s a story about someone stranded on the Moon who has to wait a month for rescue. Her suit can keep her healthy (I guess it includes a magic food machine?) but it needs solar power. So she spends the month walking west to stay in daylight.

  10. Steve

    Brian: You can’t have a completely full moon visible in daylight. The angles are wrong. The full moon is because the part facing the sun is also facing the earth.