Groundhog’s Day
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February 21st, 2010

Groundhog’s Day

There’s the swine flu and the avian flu, but what’s really scary is the avian swine flu, which you catch when pig’s fly.

My wife doesn’t get this comic’s punchline. I hope most of you do.

16 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    The three princesses have such differing personalities and tastes, one wonders how they became friends in the first place.
    Also, point to you for subverting the format.

  2. admin

    Hmmm. I think of the princesses as having simliar but different tastes which makes them friends. Like my friends and I can have lively debates over the merits of movies, comics, art, etc. I’ll find one day Michael Cho is totally agreeing with my about Howard’s Conan stories being amazing and then totally disagreeing with me about who was the better James Bond daily strip artist. At least all three ladies enjoy pets and adventure. It’s just that Boo specialized in slaying undead, Christi in thinking her way out of problems and Patricia will spend her way out. Anyway, in a few weeks time you’ll get to see the three interact in a new way, on an adventure together!

  3. ColdFusion

    Yeah, rule of cool seems to decide which animals combine.. theyre always super badass… youd never see.. a half antelope half chickadee. that’s boring..

  4. RavenBlack

    Except for cockatrices, those are a pretty stupid combination.

  5. admin

    RavenBlack – Yeah, it does sound like something made up by a lying farmer. “I was attacked by a chicken… no wait… let me finish… a male chicken, and it had a snake tail and um… bat wings… and… uh… it turned people to stone!” Still, I’d rather not fight a rooster. You know, if they did cock fighting like they do bull fighting.

  6. Lars

    Hi Brian… I don’t get the last panel either. Is it a Harry Potter reference of some sort?

    I do like the sky hog joke though.

    How about sea hogs? Oh, the dictionary says there really is such a thing… a.k.a. porpoise.

  7. Ribusprissin

    Is that an icosahedron?

  8. Daniel

    I think my favorite is the Tarasque. Partially for the legend. Partially because it looks like Bowser from Mario.

  9. ColdFusion

    don’t forget, a ‘sea pig’ is a little echinoderm creature.. or is it.. a mollusc.. it’s something squishy with tentacles..
    Tarasque is hilarious because it’s “a dragon with the head of..” etc, by the time they’re done, there’s nothing ‘dragon’ left.. But if you wanna see something that REALLY looks like Bowser, it’s the recently extinct Meiolania..

  10. KNO3

    The Tarasque nice choice…

  11. The Dread Pirate Neck Beard

    I see a Misfits t-shirt & a Rickenbacker 6-string . . . and -bg 1d20 . . . you talkin’ ’bout Atom ?

  12. admin

    Lars – no, no Harry Potter, just that most monsters from myths and legends seem like things that should be painted on a heavy metal album cover.

    Ribuprissin – I had not heard that term before. I only took math to grade 10. When I read that I thought it was going to be a reference to an undersea dinosaur. 😛

    Daniel – The Tarasque is pretty cool. In D&D it was immune to all sorts of spells and fire and acid and everything but apparently not polymoprh because I successfully turned it into a fish (out of water). I think it must have been an oversight in the manual.

    Dread Pirate Neck Beard – I had no idea what Atom was. This guy is just a generic metal head wizard. The resolution isn’t great but that skull doesn’t have eyes like the Misfits’ skull does. It took me years to get into the Misfits. Danzig had 4 solo albums by that time and probably a few comic books out.

  13. EveryZig

    A mash-up I am partial to is the Dragorgon: a Gorgon with heads that breathe fire!

  14. Hoppy

    Is that last a reference to Wizards of the Coast? I didn’t get it at first, but WotC would make sense, since they ‘make the rules’ for a lotta stuff now.

  15. Dylan

    Well, I get it! Ha ha!

  16. Steve

    I laughed pretty hard at the silliness of the last panel, then wasted some time trying to figure out the pun that wasn’t there. casting with a guitar is a nice touch though.