Torontoist Illustrationist

For the last month or so I’ve been doing some illustration work for The Torontoist website. It’s a municipal news blog. They have divisions in many cities like the  Bostonist, Londonist, Seattlest, Shanghaist and for New York, the Gothamist. It’s been nice to work on some editorial style illustration, like I went to college for so many years ago. I enjoy trying to depict things conceptually on a tight time line. Here are some of the ones I’ve done so far…

Gender Studies being introduced into the Toronto curriculum:

The Global City conference Toronto was hosting:

The City budget, which may not translate well because you may not know the shape of our city hall or what a twoonie is.

A histroical look at one of our malls that opened in the 60s:

And a likeness of Ryuho Okawa that wasn’t used because he never came to town:

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  1. HS

    Master Ryuho Okawa is the best.
    We love Lord El Cantare!