NBA logos pt 4

I don’t want to give the impression that there aren’t plenty of sports logos, past and present that I don’t think are super great. Even some that have sports equipment in them. This is more of a fun exercise than a visual rant. For example, last night I was looking at the old Denver Nuggets/Rockets logos on Wikipedia and I thought they were the far-out awesomes. One of them looks like it was designed by Acitivision!






Also known to locals as the Spadinasaur. It took me a long time to figure out why they decided to call them the Raptors. There is no tie between those dinos and Toronto. Unlike the suggestion to call the expansion team the Toronto Towers. That name made sense to me. Until I realized that the T was capitalized. Duh. RapTors! The old Toronto basketball team was called the Huskies and I’m glad they didn’t give that name to the Raps. I think it’s mean to call a bunch of guys who try to stay in shape “husky”. Why not just call them the Toronto Big Boned or the Toronto Heavy Set or the Toronto Nice Personalities?