NBA Logos

I don’t get the NBA. 20 out of the 30 teams have a basketball in their logo. Is that really necessary? It’s on a multi-million dollar sports empire, member of the biggest basketball league in the world, found on tons of basketball jerseys and decorating basketball arenas. It’s like me drawing a picture of a guy with a moustache and then labeling the moustache “moustache”. It’s either really insulting to your intelligence or a European art movement.

Luckily, in my favourite sport to watch (hockey), that’s not a problem. The Toronto Maple Leafs logo isn’t a leaf with a stick and skates. The Senators logo isn’t Art Eggleton with a stick and skates. The Pittsburgh Penguins isn’t… no wait there are a few bad apples.

As you can see with the king and his flags, I’m obviously obsessed with symbols. So I’ve decided to illustrate a bunch of the NBA teams to be more “awesome”. Here is the first batch:



New Jersey