Dollar Bin Finds

This weekend was the Paradise Toronto Comicon. There’s a post about on the main page but I’m also going to share with you some extra fun. Part of my con experience is always going through the dollar bins and finding hilarious comics (or at least covers). Here are a few of my recent prizes.


I wonder if this ties in at all to Batman and Robin’s Twinkie trouble?


Ray Fawkes asked me to keep an eye out for horror comics. I grabbed two Unexpecteds and gave him a choice between the two. He’s now the proud owner of one featuring a little boy being welcomed to a summer camp with 3 skeletal boys in orange swim trunks. I guess the skeleton was their gimmick.


I think “meets” might be a little optimistic.


Best Kamandi cover ever.


Fighting crime in a mini skirt is the only thing that keeps her sane in a world gone mad!


And I think this was the find of the con. How could a cyborg animal team out to help the environment not have been bigger than the Transformers and Garfield combined?

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  1. Jonathan McNally

    Oh, man, these’re all great but the Mummy Crime-Fighters are my favorites. It won’t be long before Gotham’s crime problem is all wrapped up.

  2. Ricki

    oh man. thanks for all the laughs.

  3. Chris

    Awesome collection. That Brute Force series — omg, I have that buried away in the closet somewhere… if only I had them organized I’d dig it out to re-read and see how bad it was.

  4. admin

    Is that cougar driving a mechanized seige tower?

  5. Chandler

    Brute Force…YES. DEFINITELY YES.

    Here I am, all scrollin’ down, havin’ a laugh about the various covers, when you went and touched a nerve. My first thought was, “Someone needs to bring Brute Force back, especially with the environmentalist message even more relevant and growing today and the connection created between the fast food corporation and rampant deforestation in this issue.” But my thoughts only touched the storyline, which shrinks away from the actual execution.

    @admin: He is a BEAR. Driving some kind of BEAR-ATV. Which (especially when you consider the arch-enemy animal team revealed at the end of the ish) drives the absurdity of the comic as a whole. Let’s consider it: They’re animals…with armor…of some kind. And this armor…enhances their abilities? But there’s a dolphin! With robotic arms and legs! Does he lose the appendages when he needs to swim? (Side note: Dolphins are smart, hence dolphin=de facto leader) The eagle sheds his armor towards the end of the issue when it fails and is too heavy to fly. How useful was it? Why aren’t the inherent abilities and attributes of these animals, things which humans don’t possess (the ability to fly, or jump high, or tear someone to shreds with teeth and claws) showcased? They use vehicles…and weapons! Why do protectors of the environment need to use human tools? Where is the focus? What ties the concept together? Now, I see why no one kept this dream alive…they were probably smacking their foreheads thinking, “What did we do?”

    Then they remembered: “Oh yeah, we made a jive-talkin’ kangaroo. That was brilliant!”

  6. Don

    Seriously, why are Batman and Robin wearing those mummy costumes?

    I’m not kidding, I’ve been losing sleep over this

  7. admin

    I finally read the mummy book. Here’s the basic synopsis:
    -Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson find a crash landed UFO and take a strange green globe back to the batcave for experimentation. It explodes and they get contaminated with radiation that turns their skin green
    -Doctors tell them it’s radiation sickness
    -Bruce and DIck realize they can’t show up as Batman and Robin with green skin or their identity will be blown.
    -They call comissioner Gordon and tell him to send Batman and Robin to investigate the UFO
    -Batman and Robin arrive before the comissionser and the police get there. The duo have hooked up a bunch of lights to make it appear that the UFO has made their skin glow bright like lightbulbs, contaminating them with a different radiation. They warn the police to stay away. Now the public think Batman and Robin also are contaiminated but in a differene way.
    -They wrap themselves in bandages and fight crime
    -When Batman is in danger Robin saves his life by rushing the goons and unwrapping his bandages which reveal his glowing skin, which make the goons terrified of radiation and they flee. (Yes, he is now actually glowing, where as before they had to rig it up fakely???)
    -The radiation wears off and everything goes back to normal.