Lego King 2
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March 30th, 2008

Lego King 2

Lego is super fun. All of my Lego comics are about the King and the 70’s guy because most of the other characters don’t translate to Lego very well. I’m not super interested in customizing pieces to make an orange jumpsuit and flipped hair or a round snowman. It’s not that it’s cheating, it’s that it’s an extra bit of work that isn’t as much fun as seeing what I can make from what’s available.

I think that the woman with the bat flag looks like Markie Post in Night Court.

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Michael Cho

    markie post? you are REALLY projecting 🙂

  2. ekiow

    haven’t seen that shield in years (the last one), I think it dates back in the 80s (my older brother had one of their castles), nice collection!

  3. admin

    Cho – For some reason I always picture her in blue. At least from Night Court. Fall Guy Markie Post had more variety.

    Ekiow – Thanks. That was from my original Lego collection as a kid, along with that brick patterned wall.