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November 11th, 2007


I wrote this gag outside sitting by a fountian in Queen’s Park. When I know I have the chance to spend an afternoon or a few hours writing in the summer I often headed over there and enjoyed the sunshine and the white noise of the fountain to block out the traffic.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. DSil

    So, is he actually animate, or is Medusa just delusional and desperately lonely?

  2. admin

    It’s not like Snuffleupagus, the other ladies can see the gargoyle waving back.

  3. KNO3

    I hope she doesn’t take him for granite.

  4. Lars

    I hope he doesn’t sit around getting stoned all day. Maybe he’ll straighten up and pyrite.

  5. Alice Quinn

    in the fourth panel you wrote “sit” twice
    yeah, that’s right none of those perception tricks work on me!

  6. admin

    Good call, Alice, I’ll have to fix that before I think about a collection!