Golden Snowman
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October 28th, 2007

Golden Snowman

Originally I didn’t think I’d draw exactly 24 carrots because I wouldn’t have room but I totally did. I wonder if celery will be the new carrots?

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ranjit

    Well, you can’t buy 24 carrots on a workingman’s celery.

  2. Mary Tee

    I feel like a gold snowman would instantly fall apart into a pile of gold dust and golden snowflakes.

  3. CatzCradle

    What happened to the ice cream she was holding in the 1st panel? xP

  4. admin

    She handed it to her snowman (just out of frame).

  5. admin

    Mary, the gold snowman would have to be cast I think. Unless there is packing gold.

  6. Finn MacCool

    i think you can’t make a snowman out of gold anyway, because it wouldn’t be made of snow then.^^

  7. hyrral

    Maybe it could be made out of yellow snow?