Kung Fu 7
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October 29th, 2006

Kung Fu 7

I want to draw the character who wears that red boot. I bet they look cool (to people who ride colour coded Japanes motorcycles and fight crime).

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  1. Phil Nolan

    You should totally do one where the kung fu style is “turn stile”–or is that too obscure?

  2. admin

    I actually had turn stile as one of the possibilities for this batch but my drawing just wasn’t coming together. I was having trouble drawing someone’s spinning legs looking sufficiently turn-stile-esque.

  3. Lars

    I wonder what vulture style would look like. Or ostrich.

  4. Mary Tee

    I bet the person to whom that red boot belongs looks like Sailor Moon. Her boots kind of look like that.

  5. admin

    Lars. Ostrich style would be to stick your head in the sand while the fight goes on. Vulture style would be to wait for someone else to beat the other person up and then go over and kick them in the ribs a couple times sayin’ “Who’s a big man now?”

    Mary, I totally wanted it to be some sort of super hero looking boot so Sailor Moon is close enough for me!

  6. Sam

    ow! my pulpy pancreas! lol