Scavenger Hunt 7
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February 12th, 2006

Scavenger Hunt 7

I’ve always been fine with tying games if that’s how it turns out. Tiebreakers/sudden death etc. is just silly. That’s one of the reasons why the shootout in hockey bothers me.

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  1. BlueNight

    Games can be sorted by whether they have a winning condition (like Basketball – most points wins) or losing condition (like Chess – player whose king is unable to move loses), or whether they have an end condition at all (relationship mindgames).

  2. Anton Sherwood

    You mean a player whose king cannot escape loses. If it’s not in check but no legal move exists, the game is a draw.

  3. Anton Sherwood

    Forgot to mention, I love chocolate milk. I noticed some years ago that my mouth doesn’t like the taste of milk anymore but my stomach still craves it; hence the chocolate.

  4. admin

    I’ve recently discovered that I crave chocolate milk with donuts because I used to have the two every weekend while I waited for my mom to grocery shop. I sat and drew Garfield and had a crappy breakfast.

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